How To Travel Better: Roll Your Clothes Time-Tested Travel Hack

travel tip: roll.
Welcome to MunchTrip's Favourite Travel Better Series. This is one of my most favorite ways to travel better. People call it a travel hack and it is! I have been doing this in my travels for more than 10 years. I thought sharing the advantages with you would be a good idea.

I find this is to be one of the most useful in making my travel better.  It leaves me more time to enjoy my destinations and it saves me luggage check-in expenses.

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I'm not claiming this to be my idea. I came across the idea of rolling my clothes when packing back in the early 2000s. I was a fan of Discovery Channel and although I am not sure if I got the idea there, I know it was from one of those types of shows. The idea was then improved later on with the birth of many "travel hacks" shared on YouTube vloggers and Facebook life hack videos.

Here are the advantages:
  • Rolling clothes leave less wrinkles on my shirts than folding them and placing them in my bag.  
  • Rolling clothes maximises your bag space whether it be a suitcase or a back pack.  
  • It is easier to pull clothes out of the bag without disarranging everything in your bag.
Ever since I could remember, I have been rolling my clothes since the late 90s and I have never looked back since.

Another plus for this method is something I got from my partner.

Rolling of clothes allows me to just pick up any shirt of a certain colour, and because I only see the shirt partially, I cannot judge it by what brand it was or what print it had on it.  

Saves me time changing clothes and makes me enjoy our destinations more.

Oh! Oh! Oh!  It also reminds me of my favourite Filipino foods, LUMPIA...


or the NGOHIONG!


How To Travel Better: Roll Your Clothes Time-Tested Travel Hack How To Travel Better: Roll Your Clothes Time-Tested Travel Hack Reviewed by Shoni MunchTrip on August 14, 2018 Rating: 5
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