Mactan International Airport Food In The Boarding Area

I just recently traveled from the Cebu Mactan International Airport going on a domestic flight to Cagayan de Oro. I realized something. No matter how we tell ourselves to leave early so we could dine somewhere before going to the airport, we still fail at doing so about 50% of the time.  Airport food would then be our only option.

The problem then arises of not knowing what food stalls are in the Cebu airport since I noticed merchants change often in airports.  Airport food is more essential than we think and is crucial for our travels. We wouldn't like to get sick during a vacation or even after a vacation, when we go back to work. You don't want to blow your budget either in sometimes, so a lot of smart budgeting goes a long way.

Now we ask:
What shall I eat in the Cebu airport? What food is available in the Cebu airport? Does Cebu airport have food stalls I would like to buy food from?

Therefore, in order for me to remember and some of you out there to know, these are the merchants in the Mactan International Airport Domestic flights boarding area for a first in my series of AIRPORT FOOD.

Top N Dog beside Grilled Pita (Cebu Airport food: sandwiches)

Tsim Sha Tsui Dimsum & Tea Bar (Cebu Airport food: HK/Chinese cuisine)

Zubuchon (Cebu Airport food: rice meals with roasted pig cooked in different ways)

Dunkin Donuts (Cebu Airport food: doughnuts and sandwiches)

Potato Corner (Cebu Airport food: fries)

Jollibee (Cebu Airport food: Filipino fast food)

Bo's Coffee (Cebu Airport food: caffeine and cafe food)

Tubo (Cebu Airport food: cane juice)

Cinnabon (Cebu Airport food: pastries)

Fraiche Deli (Cebu Airport food: sandwiches and smoothies)

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