I Got A Seafood Craving In Cagayan de Oro

I was looking for Halaan Soup (Clam Soup) in Cagayan de Oro food to comfort me during dinner. 

It was a Friday night and I needed to take a break from a long week.  Nothing reminds me more of vacation than seafood and the smell of the sea. 
And when eating Cagayan de Oro seafood, cooking it the simple way is one of the best ways to showcase the flavour it can bring to your palette.

“Aha naay lami nga halaan diri?” I asked my blogger friends Ate Mimai Scribbles, Ate Em Lady Soda, and Kuya Jay of Around CDO.  (translates to “Where can I find delicious clam soup here?”.

It just had to be clam soup.  My taste buds were craving for a munchtrip on the taste of the sea.

My friends responded.  They all had a common CDO restaurant among choices mentioned.

(Halaan Soup priced at 150 PH Pesos or 3 USD)

The clams were cooked in a broth of green onions, garlic, and ginger.  They complimented each other to make the soup lovely, yet these spices didn’t overpower the song taste of the clam meat.

While you are at it, a nice viand to pair the clam soup is some sinugba.  We also ordered the Inihaw na Tuna Belly (grilled tuna belly).

(Inihaw Na Tuna Belly priced at 250 PH Pesos or 5 USD)

When ordering for a meal of 3 to 4 persons, you might want to get the Bilao D for the group with the Halaan Soup mentioned above or a Sinigang (Filipino delicacy sour soup).

The Bilao has the Inihaw na Tuna Belly, Fried Squid Calamares, Grilled Seafood in a Stick, and my favourite deep-fried Crispy Shrimps.

(Bilao D priced at 900 PH Pesos or 18 USD)
These are good choices for a lovely munchtrip of seafood in Cagayan de Oro.

That's it.

On to my next MunchTrip.

Catch ya later, fellow munchters.
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