Taste Test Virgin Coconut Oil in Coffee And Why Do This

Virgin coconut oil in coffee.  Yes you read that right.

Ew you said?  Wait until you watched my video of me trying this.

In the video below, you will witness me put virgin coconut oil in my coffee and drink it.

You will see that I have instant coffee in my cup. I don't have brewed coffee. I'm not in a café or anything like that.

ProSource gave me a bunch of stuff to try out and one of the things that they shared with me is their virgin coconut oil.

I tried to look for ways to use coconut oil because actually they gave me two bottles of these. And I read that is you want to boost your energy in the morning and all throughout the day, you can add a tablespoon of virgin coconut oil into your coffee.

I've never done this before and I'll be honest I was quite hesitant but I'll take one for the team. Ha ha. And I'll tell you if it taste good or bad because honestly I'm just interested in how it would end up tasting.

Oh my gosh, it went straight into my cup.

Ok, so it's floating.
It looks like this. Looks like gobules on top of my coffee when you first pour it.

Well, it doesn't smell too weird to me because I'm actually a fan of coconut.
And, if I were to describe it plainly I would say smells like coffee with coconut sugar it.
Tira-tira. I don;t know if you actually have it. Tira-Tira but tira tira. It's pulled coconut taffy I think that is a loose description of it.  It's a Philippine delicacy.

Personally I don't like hot coffee cause I don't like being burned.
Ok, so here it goes.  This is still too hot though.  I don't like hot coffee. I don't like being burnt.


It doesn't taste any different.  Nope.  The coconut oil doesn't change the taste of the coffee.  Actually, it made my coffee better because to me it smells better. Well aside from the coffee smell which is fine by me. The coconut oil smell makes it better for me because I really love the smell of cooking.

Taste wise. It taste like there's coconut sugar in it or maybe it's just my senses is tricking me because I can smell the coconut in it.
Overall it's not really bad.

I was.. I was scared of doing this is it made me going like oh my god is cooking oil it's oil on my coffee. But really it's fine.. I think the idea of it is not really that strange because be put cream in our coffee and cream is also oily. In some cultures they put butter in the coffee. And I never tried that before.  But coconut oil and coffee is actually not bad ha ha.

So I guess that's one way of using your virgin coconut oil from ProSource. If you want to check their website I'll put the link in the description box below. And if you want to see more videos of me trying out coconut oil in different ways you can check MunchTrip.com or you can check my makeup website which I'll put the link of below, because it's not the priority in this video

Okay so this has been Shoni.  I hope you enjoyed watching this video. Thank you so much for watching my video. I hope you will watch out for more videos that I'll be posting soon.

Catch you later my fellow munchters.

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