Sensational Experience With Filipino Traditional Food in CDO City At Your Friend's Kitchen - Cucina Higala

The feeling of Filipino tradition, history, and being at home is very prevalent in my dining experience at Cucina Higala.  

A restaurant that excites the palette is always something to take note of.  Where ever I may go in the Philippines, or in Asia, I always remember sensational experiences, Filipino traditional food, and carefully prepared details.
Cucina Higala interior
White and whimsical interiors with huge murals, coupled with comfortable seats, beautiful decor, and furniture.  It felt like visiting somebody’s home, maybe a friend perhaps.  I can’t help but think maybe this must be intentional as the name Cucina Higala literally translates “kitchen” “friend”.

Cucina Higala menu and Cagayan de Oro restaurant location details at the end of this post.

But First Magic
I had never had a drink change colour in front of my eyes before.  This is not some pink powdered juice that turned blue in cold water from the 90s.  I am talking about Cucina Higala’s Magic Potion that defies the laws of the colour wheel.

Magic Potion of Cucina Higala
Blue plus yellow is not green to this drink!  And what is even more awesome is the fact that it doesn’t only look good but it also…  yes cliche.  But I recommend you try it to know what I mean.

Enough about the magical drink, try their food because… yum!  Let me talk about my favourite dishes from what we ordered (which was a lot).



Rice To The Occassion
It was a special moment for our LIMA Prod team to celebrate and it was a festive Chorizo Rice that brightened up our table first.  

Chorizo Rice of Cucina Higala
The yellow-orange with the dark pink chorizo bits on top was great as is.  The saying that goes “Rice pa lang, ulam na” coined on the table by my good friend, Dennis, is just right for this dish.

But when the garlicky Tinapa Fried Rice came, I could bow to it.

Tinapa Fried Rice of Cucina Higala
I’m a big fan of "tinapa" or sardines and let me say, this rice dish is so delicious!  Tinapa Fried Rice of Cucina Higala, it is a YES.

But of course, we do not stop at rice alone, fellow Filipinos.  

Binagoongan Pork Liempo And Two More Servings
Found it to be the best pair for the sardine rice as well.  So if I were to order the Binagoongang Pork Liempo and the Sardine Rice, my hunger for good food would be solved then and there.  
Binagoongan Pork Liempo of Cucina Higala
Savoury sweet bagoong or shrimp paste with the crunchy fried pork belly slices, gently topped with semi-sour green mango salad bits to compliment the meat just makes it perfect. Period.

Warning: Ikaw Ang Mahumok Sa Ilang Pagkahumok Nga Humba
I have sliced the most tender block of pork in CDO City folks!  

Humba of Cucina Higala
There is something about tender meat surrendering.  But when it touches your lips, you will find yourself surrendering to it.

Sinuglaw Wow
The Sinuglaw with Dilis is lovely.  

Sinuglaw of Cucina Higala
The itlog maalat (salted egg) and tomatoes on the side was a surprising additional, though I prefer the sinuglaw as is with its sweet and spicy balanced with tabon-tabon which is the traditional way of making sinuglaw in the Dakbayan sa Cagayan de Oro.

Perfect Endings To This Ensemble
I literally jumped off of my seat when I saw the Sizzling Binaki With Caramel Sauce.  
Sizzling Binaki of Cucina Higala
But no, this is not the reason why it is called “binaki".  Binaki was named after the Bisaya term “bakibaki” which means to wrap (the Filipno traditional way of making this).  But there is a twist to to this dish.  It is served in a sizzling plate, topped with ice cream then later drizzled with caramel.  If you have an impeccable sweet tooth, this is your paradise right here.  Let me hear a “yeah” to the sweets-loving people out there!

But when the cute Maja Blanca Tart came and I took a small slice of it, I was delighted by the memories I have for this dessert.  



Maja Blanca Tart of Cucina Higala
But thank you Cucina Higala for introducing me to this pie version.  Kudos to whoever whipped this idea up.  Never have I imagined maja blanca would be even better with a pie crust underneath.  I loved it and Egan loves it too!

Praises.  All I have are praises for this wonderful restaurant that seems to have worked every little detail.  Another friend of mine on the table, Bex, even complimented their restroom.  So yes, every detail.

I feel that a lot of research and studying went into their special dishes and kudos! 

Well, hope you liked this write-up about my Filipino traditional experience in Cucina Higala.

That’s it.

Catch you on my next MunchTrip.

Bye bye my fellow munchters.


Cucina Higala Menu:

Menu of Cucina Higala as of  December 2016

Cucina Higala is in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines.

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