Give Me More Gibb’s Wings is a Comfort Food Haven in Cebu Philippines

I swear I do not lie my fellow munchters when I say these wings are the bomb!  So good that I do not want to remember these wings TBH every time I am not in Cebu City.

It was the last stop of the second day of the Cebu Food Crawl 2016, right after our stop in District on 53rd.  When we were told that we were to have the best chicken wings in Cebu, I remained skeptical, because there’s only a few chicken places I trust nowadays, I opened my mind to what was to come.

Streetscape in Paseo Saturnino, Banilad, Cebu, was an arcade of food places that wasn’t too crowded like a mall on a weekend, but the full parking space tells me there must be a steady clientele for this area.  Gibb’s was in the second floor.  So I entered this rustic black and red space with a glowing red-white light sign of “Gibb’s” on the wall.

Potacos came.  A black plate with potato chips with salsa, lettuce, cheese and more were in front of me.  Interesting and looking appetising, I waited for the other dishes.  Potato Wedges, Angel Wings, and the Cajun Hot Wings came.  Oh, yes. It looked like a mini-fiesta.  But upon seeing the saucy chicken wings on the plates, I became intrigued and started to become excited.

Time to eat!

Poof!  The Wedges disappeared in front of me.  Cooked crispy outside and soft mushy inside, the very comforting taters was a hit. 

The Angel Wings were the non-spicy choice of saucy chicken wings in Gibb’s.  It was sweet and I liked it.

The Potacos were a surprise to me.  It was like eating tacos or nachos(?) but even better.  Crispy salty potato chips that were so addicting, that I found the plate staying next to me…

Potacos are nachos? or tacos? or... ah just eat! :D

as I gorged on the best sweet chilling wings I have ever tasted.  The Cajun Hot Wings, was spicy, saucy, sweet, tangy, and perfect to erase all the stress during that day. 


I immediately ordered Cajun Wings to go so I could let my partner, Egan (supertaster foodie extraordinaire), try them too.  I too secretly wished he already ate and didn’t need any so i could eat them myself. Hahaha!

It didn't stop there though because homemade Spicy Stracciatella ice cream came! Vanilla ice cream with drops of dark chocolate with a hint of heat. I was so happy I could 😭!

“I am coming back for these for sure!”

They were a blessing formed into food in Cebu.

Ahh.  I definitely recommend you try their food when in Cebu.

That’s it.

Catch you on my next munchtrip.

Bye bye my fellow munchters.


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Give Me More Gibb’s Wings is a Comfort Food Haven in Cebu Philippines Give Me More Gibb’s Wings is a Comfort Food Haven in Cebu Philippines Reviewed by Shoni Munchtrip on November 23, 2016 Rating: 5

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  1. It all sounds delicious. I ams so sad we had to cancel our Cebu trip.


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