Bevato Egg Rolls Come Rolling In From Kenko Naicha

BEVATO Egg Rolls come in many flavours and Black Sesame is my fave!
Kenko Naicha now has food to munch on, did you not know?

To pair with Kenko Naicha’s drinks, they now have with pastas, meals, and egg rolls as well.

I came across Black Sesame Egg Rolls.  I took one roll.  I had a bite and a few pieces crumbled at the sides of my lips.  I stick out my tongue to save it from falling because it was a flavourful hallow sweet thing.

More delicate, less crunchy, these egg rolls should not be mistaken with the barquillos from the clear packs of pasalubong shops.  These egg rolls do not have polvoron either or peanut brittle in it.  This is not turrones de mani, which is also known as “Cacahuate”.

I chew some more.  The more the pieces broke apart in my mouth the more of the flavour bursted.  It delighted me and made me think “I’m glad I got that over the other flavours, because I liked it more than any other.”

The matcha-flavoured was promising but I find myself liking really strong almost grassy-like matcha like on Japanese Matcha Kitkats, so this one did not get me as mush as the black sesame did.

If not familiar with sesame (which i doubt), the nutty smell of sesame that is somewhat close to peanuts, and almonds are what greets you first.  As I munch on these brittle cigar-sized sweets the taste, reminded me of sweet black sesame Korean bread I once tasted in Missy Bon Bon.  

If you want something sweet, nutty, and comforting.  A pack of BEVATO Egg Rolls are sold at Kenko Naicha and other partner "tinabu-an" shops in Cagayan de Oro.

They can be a nice appetiser, snack, or dessert.  However you want it. 

Imagine this delicate delicacies on top of your ice cream?  I can.

As for their food selection, I have tried three and liked the Tomato Herb Chicken Pasta, priced at 199 PH pesos, most as it had the bit of sourness I love in Italian style pasta.

Kenko Naicha's Tomato Herb Chicken Pasta

So if you come across any of the Kenko branches in:

- Big R Robinsons 2nd floor, Limketkai Center, Lapasan, Cagayan de Oro- Centrio Mall 3rd floor near cinemas, Corrales St, Cagayan de Oro- Limketkai Mall 2nd floor near cinemas 1 & 2, Lapasan, Cagayan de Oro- Major P.N. Roa Street, Carmen, Cagayan de Oro Cityand- Laguindingan Airport Boarding Area 2nd floor, Laguindingan- Bellfranz Building, Ubaldo street, Iligan

make sure to check out their food choices as well as their tea selection.

That's it.

Catch you on my next munchtrip.

Bye Bye my fellow munchters.


*tinabu-an - it is the Filipino term (Bisaya in origin) meaning souvenir or gift you give to your loved ones from your travels; it can either be unique food, a symbolic item, a miniature, or any reminder of the place; "pasalubong" in Tagalog.
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