Chill in Cebu To Nice Tunes And Sizzling Food At Marco Polo Plaza Cebu

Live entertainment, Crisps, Sizzling Beef Tips, and Mashed Potatos were my favourite in El Viento Restaurant and Poolbar (photo by Shoni MunchTrip)
Imagine me, feeling accomplished having reached Marco Polo Plaza Cebu for the first time.  I had finally found where to chill in Cebu with nostalgic pop tunes played by the band beside the pool, and feasting on a table filled with sizzling food.  Ahh!  I love this Friday evening.

None of the hyper self here, this time I'm just chilling in Cebu.

First Time Seeing Marco Polo Plaza Cebu
My family and I tried to find this hotel before.  It was during one Sinulog season many years ago, but we were unsuccessful.

Fast forward to 2016, I finally conquered our Marco Polo Hotel hangup by representing my family and finally seeing it in person for the first time.  This time though, I was with bloggers from all around the Philippines for the Cebu Food Crawl 2016 food tour.

Ms Mana greeted us crawlers, as we enter the front doors.  Big crystals that make up the chandelier on the ceiling shine and sparkle as I enter this huge huge lobby.  

Picturesque.  Classic.  Majestic.  A grand staircase carpeted red and golden yellow from top to bottom step was right beside the path to where we would dine that evening.

Chilling To Nostalgic Tunes on Sizzling Nights at El Viento Restaurant
El Viento bar by the pool (photo by Shoni MunchTrip)
From the lobby we walked passed the indoor buffet at Cafe Marco and exited to the pool area where tables awaited us.  

It was a Friday evening, and we were told it is Sizzling Nights at El Viento Restaurant and Poolbar.  

Sizzling Nights at El Viento Restaurant and Poolbar  (photo by Shoni MunchTrip)
The outdoors was fitting as nice smelling smoke formed from our lovely sizzling plates of viands.  I favoured the savory and tender Sizzling Beef Tips with the side of Buttered Vegetables, Potato Crisps, and Mashed Potato (most especially) were delicious.  It was the first time I dipped potato crisps in mash, and it was delicious.

Surprising Combination of their Crisps and Mash at El Viento (photo by Shoni MunchTrip)

Refreshing Four Seasons juice was perfect for a tropical-escape-like feel while we dined beside the pool.  And after dinner, we got to listen to the live band who played songs which I found myself singing along to.  I just chilled and enjoyed.

I could see how it could really appeal to people who would want to just chill while on vacation or just taking the weekend off in Marco Polo Plaza Cebu.  I felt so comfortable.  I wanted to dip in the pool if only I had brought my swimsuit with me.

Malicious Cookies Sweet Ending
Ms Mana handed us a pack of cookies to bring home.  They were labeled “Malicious Cookies” and I must say, I was intrigued.

But know this, when I was able to taste the cookies, I immediately regretted not purchasing additional packs to take home.  Every bite has cashew, white chocolate chips, and dark chocolate chips.  Delectably sweet.  I have added that as one of my reasons to go back to Marco Polo Plaza Cebu.
Ah, a sweet ending.

Yup, that is it.
Catch you on my next munchtrip.

Thank you for reading and bye bye my fellow muchters.


If you are interested, Sizzling Nights at El Viento Restaurant and Poolbar in Marco Polo Plaza Cebu is every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night.  You can call for reservations at (63-32) 253 1111.

Chill in Cebu To Nice Tunes And Sizzling Food At Marco Polo Plaza Cebu Chill in Cebu To Nice Tunes And Sizzling Food At Marco Polo Plaza Cebu Reviewed by Shoni MunchTrip on September 16, 2016 Rating: 5

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