Picturesque Beautiful Location By The Sea In Mactan, Cebu

This photo from my personal IG is now a throwback! :D  Taken 30th December 2013. :)

Movenpick is a paradise in Cebu that I had only knew about 3 years ago, thanks to my sister’s must-visit-places research skills.  

For the many yearly visits we had to Cebu since I was little, we'd only go to the Basilica del Sto Niño, the malls, relatives’ houses, the airport, then the pier.  Aside from those stops, nada.
Our family had this pattern for quite sometime and I found it to be a common one as well, as per my other friends' families.  Little did I know that we have not seen the most picturesque spots in Cebu yet.

First Encounter Of Mactan Paradise.
Last 2013 December when we were in Cebu during a Christmas season visit, my sister picked out a place where she said would be nice to have lunch buffet in.  She called a "Sails Restaurant" telephone number she got off their website.

She tried getting reservations, but the odds were not in our favour.  I’m not sure whether it was because we were late for the lunch buffet, the restaurant was already full, or because it was exclusive to hotel guests at that time.

Dismayed, my sister hung up but still showed us the pictures of place on her phone.

"Sayang, noh?"

“Wait, that’s in Cebu?”  I remember asking her in awe at one beautiful photo showing white umbrellas and recliners by the blue-green sea.

Curious about the place, my family and I hopped on a cab immediately.

If you were to take a taxi, it would amount to 200-300 pesos from Cebu IT Park.

At that time we didn't know that it was a restaurant within a premiere hotel found almost at the tip of Mactan island.  But when the driver told us we were almost there, big white sail structures greeted us in the front of the hotel with the name MÖVENPiCK.

We went into the lobby.  As whites, aquamarine blues, and moss greens on beautiful outdoor furniture were set in the perfectly positioned lobby.  Sea breeze funnelled thru the area that afternoon. 


My family and I immediately wished we were checked in the hotel.  We stayed and marvelled at the beauty of the place.  And although, the original plan was to just look around and leave after an hour, we stayed there all afternoon sipping iced teas.

It so worth trying to visit the place.  Thanks to the pictures my sister researched.

I did take only a few pictures.  I guess I wanted to enjoy the time I was there.

Less than 3 years later, I revisit the place and it broke my heart.

To be continued...
Revisiting Movenpick Cebu Broke My Heart

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