Revisting Movenpick Cebu Broke My Heart

Less than 3 years later, I revisit this famous man made private Philippine beach at Movenpick in Mactan, Cebu as I was one of the food crawlers for Cebu Food Crawl 2016, and I got my heart broken.

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I remembered my first visit to Movenpick last December 2013 went.
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Upon Arrival
Just a few minutes from Mactan Alfresco, I knew we arrived when I saw the sail structures on the right side of the van I was in.
We are in MÖVENPiCK!

Let me take a pano to remember.

Walked into lobby when ms Armie welcomed us.  I gave a warm demure no-teeth-showing smile and nod.  Deep down inside I just wanted to show a big childish grin! 

But, "Oist.  I must behave."  I told myself.

Went into the bathroom and just cooled off for a bit then realising I took so long because I was the only one left.  I was so conscious because I couldn't get off of my head the fact that this was a beautiful place.  I too wanted to look my best.

Lipstick retouched.  Then, left the bathroom, only to be greeted by the sea breeze in the lobby.  I walk passed through the blue and green pillows on white and gray furniture.

Follow the Wooden Planks
I was like a giddy kid trying to stay inside the body of a lady in a pink dress, preppy cardigan and hippie feather sandals as i strut passed the hotel guests in the lobby, pools, and the beach side. 
Another pano please.


Walked the wooden planks all the way to the Ibiza Beach Club Cebu where my fellow crawlers were chilling to some music being played, nibblers displayed, and drinks served.

Refreshments from the bar
The breeze was stronger at this area and the view was more stunning with all the strong blues, greens of the water against the cream coloured sand and the view of the two towers of Movenpick.

White furniture was spread around to provide comfort to those who might spend hours chilling in the area.

I felt so relaxed and I did not want to care anymore.  I wanted to do something I usually don't.  OOTD with this beautiful background.

I couldn't keep a straight face.

It felt almost surreal when it struck me.

My heart broke upon realising I wasn't there with any of the people I hold dearest to my heart.  The breathtaking view should be shared with someone.

I went in The Conservatory, sat on one of the gray seats as my feelings matched the hue.  I felt blue.

View from inside the conservatory

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