Where To Eat in Cebu for Only One Stop With Bonus Lechon Perfume

Mactan Alfresco in Newtown is one munchtrip stop in Cebu where you can find local food favourites,  and dine there, while enjoying the sea breeze of the breeze from the lechon pit.  Ahh food perfume.

Mactan Alfresco Structure
Mactan Alfresco (as of August 26, 2016) has 11 homegrown Cebuano food establishments placed side-by-side in an octagonal floor area.  At first glance you would think it is a big area but I was surprised that it was so easy for me to go around, view the food choices, order and sit in any of the 500 seats surrounding the tenants.  Convenient!

(Disclaimer: I am no engineer or architect, in fact my only closest experiences of being an expert in any of those professions is years of building houses in the game Sims 1-4 and helping my carpenter uncle make a wooden sala set when I was in my teens.  Haha!  But I sense some engineering magic going on in here!)

The Mactan Alfresco is far from being an ordinary food court.  I'm used to seeing square spaces where I would stand in the midde and be paralysed by all the choices I see corner to corner. Mactan Alfresco is nothing like that because I got to see the establishments one at a time from my perspective, and at the most three.  SO I can discern more before picking my food choice.

The open air ambience with wooden tables and chairs are simply low key to give focus to the very good food variety here.  Even the colour scheming, dark chocolate and cream, is simple.

Check out the Mactan Alfresco list of establishments and menus
with translations of what some Filipino food terms mean

Lechon Pit is The X-Factor
The Lechon Pit is a unique part of Alfresco Mactan as it showcases how the Filipino pride delicacy is carefully made.  Make a stop and get some lechon perfume!

Cebuano lechon roasters are so proud that they are confident to openly display how lechons are cooked.

I even had the hand at trying to brush the pig in oil.  

It was my first time.
It was so hot.
I am not meant to be a lechon roaster.
My face was melting.

Not figuratively speaking, but literally speaking.  My foundation was melting off my face but I still tried it as it is not everyday that I could do that!

Sorry, I am not going to sell lechon, so please no inquiries about the lechon I helped make.

MunchTrip Recommends
On this Cebu Food Crawl 2016 stop, my favourite was the Ayer’s specialty Lechon.

It had the salty, crunchy pork skin that crackles when you bite into it.  Well seasoned!
The meat was tender and juicy and I did not mind the natural lip gloss that it gives me after eating it.  I will eat this foodgasmic lechon any day!

That's it folks.

Catch you on my next munchtrip.

Bye bye my fellow munchters.


Where To Eat in Cebu for Only One Stop With Bonus Lechon Perfume Where To Eat in Cebu for Only One Stop With Bonus Lechon Perfume Reviewed by Shoni MunchTrip on September 03, 2016 Rating: 5

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