How To Court Someone With Philippine Mango aka Carabao Mango

Carabao/Philippine Mangos harvested in Cebu at Profood International Corp
People do crazy things for love.  People do crazy things because they love the Philippine mango too.

Why Sweet Mangoes are Enjoyed in The Philippines
The mango is the National Fruit of the Philippines.  But it is not only us, Filipinos, who love this  diverse fruit.

Philippine mango also known as "carabao mango" (Carabao mango by Wikipedia) and this among exotic fruits is known around the world for its exotic sweetness that contributed to a big craving for these.

How Are Sweet Mangoes Enjoyed
The best way to experience the Philippine mango is eating it fresh and sweet when ripe.  

All needed are the experienced skills to know the firmness is just right (not too mushy) and the aromatic smell is beckoning you to eat it.  The looks of the mango skin alone do not tell the ripeness.

1. With the mango skin still on, slice into three parts.  The middle being the pit.  

2. The cheeks (inner part or meat) of the mango is then scored diagonally.

3. Scored another time across to intersect with previous lines.  You should be seeing multiple hashtags (#) now.

4. Then pushed up to reveal diamonds of pulp sweetness.

Another favourite preferences of enjoying sweet mangos are in Mango Float (a chilled Filipino food eaten as dessert made up of mango slices layered between graham crackers, cold cream and condensed milk).

How To Court Someone With The Philippine Mango
I remember my Philippine History teacher in high school once said, the mango is shaped like a human heart, so it symbolises love.


If you like a person and you want to tell that person that he or she is sweet, give sweet mangoes.  It will surely give her a smile.

But if you want to profess your whirlwind-like romance for someone, especially a Filipina, don't give her chocolate and flowers.  Instead give her mangos.  Find the face-wrenching sour green mango and add uyap**.

If you are lucky to be in the Philippines, it is only 20 PH Pesos (less than 0.50 USD)

You may say "WHUT?" to this combination but it is so good.

It is a rollercoaster of umami, tangy, and sweet that will make her jump off her feet and into your arms.

Try it.  Good luck!

That's it.

Catch you on my next MunchTrip.

Bye bye my fellow munchters.


**uyap - Philippine shrimp paste that is sweet, tangy, umami;  sometimes pink in color or sometimes brown;  "bagoong" in Tagalong.
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