Go Healthy with Large Kenko Naicha Tea in Cagayan de Oro

No need to guilty with a large milk tea.  Their name says so.

What is Kenko Naicha?
Kenko Naicha is a tea brand from Cagayan de Oro, whose name is derived from two Japanese and Chinese words.  Kenko is for the word “healthy”, while Naicha means tea with milk.

I remember when Kenko Naicha was still new in Robinson's 2nd floor, their first branch.  You wouldn't miss it.  Cool to the eyes the stall is blue-green and white, a colour scheme I love as it reminds me of something fresh like the sea.  

Benefits of Tea
Curious, though not a stranger to tea, I immediately went into the shop.  I have been a drinker of hot tea since I could remember.  Adding to that, it was also a time when I was studying different teas and read about boba tea shops booming in the US that time.

Among different teas, Kenko Naicha uses the three below as some of bases in their drinks:
Black tea - great alternative to coffee with its strong taste (not too much caffeine) 
Fragrant / Jasmine green tea - refreshing (energising and loaded with antioxidants)
Dragon Oolong - deep yet smooth taste (helps the digestive system)

What To Order
I tried Kenko Naicha and to this day, I still like their iced “Purple” Milk Tea (officially Taro Milk Tea in their menu), 90 PH Pesos, with only 25% sweetness, not sure though as they say it is taro, but tastes like ube, aka purple yam.  One thing for sure, I like it!  

Also, I prefer them without pearls, especially when I'm trying to lessen my sugar intake, but have them if you please.  They are soft chewable sinkers for an additional 15 PH Pesos.

In Kenko Naicha - Centrio branch, I’d go, “Large please.” and sip on it as I watch a movie in the cinemas.

But I’m glad that they also recently opened a branch near the Limketkai cinemas too, for when I watch movies there.

Added Recommendations
If you are adventurous, try the Red Kiamoy Fruit Tea 25% sweetness, 85 PH Pesos.  It is a very interesting tart, tangy, sweet combination of flavours.  I like it too.  *wink

Lastly, I love their hot Hot Premium Black Tea, 90 PH Pesos.  This was surprisingly really good.  Try this if you are a coffee-addict and you want to transition to tea slowly.

Do expect that their drinks to be on the lighter side and not the "calorific" type.

That’s it.

Catch you on my next MunchTrip.

Bye bye my fellow munchters.


Kenko Naicha branches are located in:
- Big R Robinsons 2nd floor, Limketkai Center, Lapasan, Cagayan de Oro
- Centrio Mall 3rd floor near cinemas, Corrales St, Cagayan de Oro
- Limketkai Mall 2nd floor near cinemas 1 & 2, Lapasan, Cagayan de Oro
- Major P.N. Roa Street, Carmen, Cagayan de Oro City
- Laguindingan Airport Boarding Area 2nd floor, Laguindingan
- Bellfranz Building, Ubaldo street, Iligan
Go Healthy with Large Kenko Naicha Tea in Cagayan de Oro Go Healthy with Large Kenko Naicha Tea in Cagayan de Oro Reviewed by Shoni MunchTrip on September 09, 2016 Rating: 5

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