Why The Heck Dried Philippine Mangoes When We Can Have Them Fresh

And dip in chocolate?

It's a weird fruit fiesta fiasco for someone or a wild wallpaper of a person with a sweet tooth and love for mangoes.

Dried mangoes is almost a default "tinabuan"* when visiting a destination in the Philippines, especially Cebu, because it is simply the National Fruit of the Philippines.

Nowadays, they are also available dipped in chocolate and as chewies.

Why Dried Mangoes From The Philippines?
Some may ask.  It is because the variety of mangoes mostly grown in the Philippines are carabao mangoes.  They are known around the world for its sweet and exotic taste at its ripest.

If you have tried it, you'll understand.

Unfortunately, if you wanted to bring some outside of the Philippines it isn't easy as you need authorisation papers from the Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI), this according to https://www.philippine-embassy.org.sg/the-philippines-2/visit-the-philippines/customs-passenger-guidelines/.

Having them dried, pasteurized and packaged safely would be the easiest to transport then.  So, dried mangoes it is!

There is a Mango Flying Everywhere
Because our carabao mango is well-loved by a lot of people, not just Filipinos, there is a demand to try this product.  In fact, there are a lot of dried mangoes processed and packed by Profood International Corp for other countries such like Korea and Japan.

Go to the nearest department store and look for the Philippine section, there will be dried mangoes there and most probably they are packed from our 1st stop on our second day of the Cebu Food Crawl 2016 - Profood.

That's it you guys.

Catch you on my next munchtrip.

Bye Bye my fellow munchters.



*tinabu-an - it is the Filipino term (Bisaya in origin) meaning souvenir or gift you give to your loved ones from your travels; it can either be unique food, a symbolic item, a miniature, or any reminder of the place; "pasalubong" in Tagalog.

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