Sisig Is The Yin and Sinuglaw Is The Yang in Dinahs Fud Haus Cagayan de Oro

Yin and Yang combo of local favourites
This by far is the best karinderya* Sinuglaw** and Sisig I have tasted in Cagayan de Oro.  

Thinking about it makes my mouth water already.  It is so so good.

I first discovered this when my Aunt Elsa shared with me that there is a karinderya where she always buys her sisig.  She also assured me that the place can be trusted with their food as she knows the owner, ms Dinah, her old friend and ex-colleague.

I was hangry -- angry plus hungry.  I rushed to 4-21.

"Conveniently situated at a corner.  Ok!"

Easy to locate with a big tarp that had the name, Dinah's Fud Haus.

Went to see the pots and pans that contained the food.  I ordered the viand that had one serving left, then my Aunt's recommendation.

"One Sinuglaw, One Sisig, Two single rice."

Sinuglaw and Rice (40 PH Pesos)
Ayayay. Creamy. Tangy. Spicy. YES!  The sinuglaw that keeps me craving for more, so beware of your diet.

Sisig and Rice (40 PH Pesos)
Woooh.  Thick-sauced savory and a bit sweet, sisig to pair is perfect.

They are like Yin and Yang, I go from one to the other.

Immediately I went from hearing heavy metal to zen music.  So much love went into the food.  And if you are lucky, ms Dinah will serve you food and even call you "anak" (term of endearment meaning "my child").  How homey.

Both meals are 40PH Pesos with viand and rice at Dinah's Eatery.

Oh, Egan and I ate at 4th-21st.  I might have forgotten to mention I was not alone though I'm sure some of you thought I ate all of the above by myself.  Huh?

4-21 Nazareth

Back to the topic, yes, that is one karinderya plus, they have branches in Tomas Saco-14 and Pabayo-Chaves (Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines), all very accessible via motorela or taxi.

Yup.  Splendid eats.

That's it.  Catch you on my next munchtrip.

Bye bye my fellow munchters.


- Bisaya word for local eatery that serve home-cooked style Filipino food.
aka karenderya in Tagalog/Pilipino language

- the food innovation that is making people who love grilled pork and kinilaw*** even crazier because their diet is forever ruined!
- lovely combination of grilled pork and raw fish salad

***kinilaw - seriously you should come to the Philippines if you do not know what this is.
- Filipino food made of raw fish made into a salad
- has many variations like Cagayan de Oro and some Misamis Oriental versions have tabon-tabon (cover-cover) and tuba (coconut sap made into vinegar), while others add mayonnaise, milk, or just cane vinegar.
Sisig Is The Yin and Sinuglaw Is The Yang in Dinahs Fud Haus Cagayan de Oro Sisig Is The Yin and Sinuglaw Is The Yang in Dinahs Fud Haus Cagayan de Oro Reviewed by Shoni MunchTrip on September 16, 2016 Rating: 5


  1. Hi, mao ni ang Dinah's nga atbang na sa SEC (tomasaco) karon? [Or as they say Tomasaco - 14th]


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