Simple Fun Place That Serves Local Familiar Food in Cagayan de Oro

Boy Zugba is like a homemade style kind of food dining experience.  It doesn't feel like any other type of cuisine.  There are choices of soup, grilled, fried, and lotsa rice.  Very Filipino.  When I
am here, I usually get the Lumpiang Kagubkob, and Casava Cake.

BQFC Best of CDO Food Tour: 3rd out of 6 Features
We arrived in Boy Zugba via same motorelas provided in the tour.  Upon entering, funny puns dressed as organised graffiti/calligraphy on the wall greet you like a friend's "hello".

Some of the wall decor in Boy Zugba.
The concept of Boy Zugba is to serve very familiar food with quirky names.  Their karinderya* concept makes it the least intimidating among all food places in the tour.

*Karinderya is a local type of eatery where people come and go quickly for food.

Dive in!
For a big family like the CDO Bloggers, a very large boodle fight was appropriate.  Puso rice was in the middle of grilled liempo, pork barbecue, chorizo, and pancit.  Everybody dove into the food!

The Cheezzy Chorizo had me with its sweet spiciness.  Cooked perfectly, not burnt at all, making it retain its smokey, salty, sweet flavour.  The cheese is a surprise center!  I paired this with the pancit for a nice carb finish instead of rice.

Leche Flan little bottles were then served.  Ooh, the sweet-tooth in me giggled again.

If you want a fun activity in Cagayan de Oro, you can join the Boy Zugba Trivia Night.  It happens every Tuesday and starts at about 7:20pm.  The winning teams get gift certificates.

BQFC Best of CDO Food Tour
Save time in your search of the best food places in CDO, because Bigby's Quality Food Corporation (BQFC) has come up with the "Best of CDO" Food Tour.  They have got you covered for the favourites from Bigby's, Missy Bon Bon, Boy Zugba, and The Nest.

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Simple Fun Place That Serves Local Familiar Food in Cagayan de Oro Simple Fun Place That Serves Local Familiar Food in Cagayan de Oro Reviewed by Shoni MunchTrip on August 17, 2016 Rating: 5

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