What Is The Deal with Shopping For Groceries in S&R Cagayan de Oro

It's like a whole new culinary world with endless possibilities. (In photo: "Iris" and "Paul Miki Sajulla")

I am excited that an S&R has finally opened in Cagayan de Oro because I miss the whole S&R shopping experience.

I stayed in Metro Manila with

my parents and my sister back in 2005.  It was a difficult time as everyone had to adjust to the different environment compared to laid-back Cagayan de Oro, our hometown.

Despite the emotional and physical stress we were undergoing as a unit, we tried our best to do normal family activities during Sundays.  One of which was shopping for groceries.  It was always a special event when we went to S&R BGC, Taguig (back then was known as S&R Fort Bonifacio if I am not mistaken).

Here are the reasons why we looked forward to it:

1.) So many new food to discover.
As a kid, it was like a whole new culinary world with endless possibilities.  My interest in food started when I was young and my first awesome experience in S&R may have contributed to my interest in experiencing culinary adventures!  Which ultimately lead me to creating this blog. *wink

2.) Comfortable shopping.
Items were organised well and smartly.  Although the S&R’s are usually big which requires extra effort to walk around more, it is also big and spacious leading to less stress in going thru aisles.  Not to bash other grocery stores, but I do get a little claustrophobic, so I appreciate the breathing space.

Haha!  I was a kid and healthy eating wasn’t my priority back then.  One thing’s for sure, my mom didn’t have problems with making me and my sister eat on a Sunday.  We shared one slice of pizza because it was as bigger than my face. *my face was less round too back then

By 2007, my parents and I were all back in CDO and we moved on to other family activities. 
Come 2016, and finally an S&R CDO is going to open.

Here are the reasons why I look forward to this:

1.) I’ll be honest and go straight to the reason that is PIZZA.
I had 2 slices in the the Bloggers’ Sneak Peak and it is still as good as I remember.  Quality is the same. Check! It takes me back to when I first sat on the blue seats and ate pizza with my family more than 10 years ago.

2.) S&R’s Mr Kreyer, the Vice President of Operations for S&R, assures that they are finding ways to help the locals and small business sector.
I gathered that more than 100 Filipinos were given new jobs for the opening of this branch and I am happy about that.  Also, I am glad for the local business owner who now has other options to access imported products.

3.) New and more culinary adventures await.
The opening of S&R CDO also means more options and newer ones, which can lead to confusion to be honest, but it can lead to more open-minds (or should I say open-tongues).  We can appreciate different food with a wider spectrum of tastes to discover here in Cagayan de Oro and the whole of Northern Mindanao. 

That's it!

Catch you on my next MUNCHTRIP.
Bye bye my fellow munchters.


S&R CDO will open on July 28, 2016 at 10:00am.
It is located along the highway

Zone 5, Barangay Kauswagan, CDO-Iligan Road,
Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental,

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  1. Can't wait to visit S&R! I'm craving their pizza (and cheesecake!) the most. Thank you for this post!


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