Mocha Aha! Recipe

I was so addicted to this! It is loaded with caffeine AND SUGAR, drink with caution.

(DISCLAIMER: I'm not trying to control your life) You can use different ingredients, even add
what you want. Enjoy with friends, or not.)

MOCHA AHA!Prep 10mins
Wait 20mins
3 servings


3 Tbsp brown sugar
4 Tbsp Lindt 85% (Dark Chocolate)
4 Tbsp Coffeemate (Creamer)
1 Tbsp Nescafe Original (Coffee)
1/2 cup hot water
Ice cubes

Old Mayonnaise jar (or Mason jar, social)

In a jar, mix all 5 ingredients (Ay stop sa!  No, don't put ice cubes yet! That's the 6th ingredient oi! Tsk remove ice cubes sa!)

Let it cool in the freezer for 20mins.

Get 3 glasses filled with ice.  Pour your cooled Mocha equally in the three glasses.

Drink and say Aha!

That's it.

Catch you on my next MUNCHTRIP.
Bye bye my fellow munchters.


This recipe was one of my originals in
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