Philippine Beaches: Dahican Beach, Mati, Davao Is A Wild Pacific Mati Beach

Swim At Your Own Risk on this Wild Pacific Mati Beach, Philippine Beaches - taken in Dahican Beach, Mati, Davao
This Mati Philippine beach, which faces the Pacific Ocean, will challenge swimmers.

Dahican Beach, Mati, Davao is Pacific Ocean beach surprise gem among many Philippine beaches we have been to.

We were not expecting a beach like this existed. It had shallow reefy areas great for experiencing calmer waters.  We featured that on a blog post here

However, on this post will be a video of the wild side of Dahican Beach Mati. You will see the deep areas have waves with heights over a meter on the other side of the beach.

Highs and lows.

There is so much on this beach that caters to different types of Thalassophile* (whoa, new and big word for us).

Without further ado, here is one more for the best beaches in the Philippines some of you may have never been to.

I know of only one way to get to Dahican Beach, Mati, Davao.
  • by land:
    • 2+ from Tagum City to Mati
    • 3+ from Davao City to Mati
    • 8+ hours from Cagayan de Oro to Mati via Malaybalay City and Tagum City
    • 10+ hours from Cagayan de Oro to Mati via Valencia and Davao City
Technically, there is Mati Airport (MXI), but as of the time I'm writing this, it only caters to small privately owned planes. Going to Mati by ferry or ship is still not possible, but the closest port is SASA Pier of Davao City. If you discover other ways of getting to Mati, tell do share on the comments section below.

Travel tip: When in Dahican, Mati, Davao

There are motorcabs in neighboring municipalities of Dahican, Mati.  We only saw one or two in the area.

They are not the same as Cagayan de Oro's motorela although closer to Medina's motorsikad.

I did not notice any taxis and jeepneys around Dahican, Mati.  However, we have been told that habal-habal can be hired.  These are motorbikes that take passengers.  we have not gone on one in Dahican though.

Therefore, we would recommend that you bring a car or hire a van when in Dahican, Mati.

Swim at your own risk. Waves can get to 2 meters in height.






Simple. ;)

Best Philippine Beaches

That's it for now.
So what do you think?  Do you want to know more about other Philippine beaches?  Do you want to know about where to stay in Dahican Beach, Mati, Davao?
For your questions, just mention them in the comment section below.

If we had convinced you to visit Dahican Beach, Mati, Davao, don't hesitate to tag me #munchtrip in your posts so we can see them.

Catch you later!  See you on my next munchtrip.
Philippine Beaches: Dahican Beach, Mati, Davao Is A Wild Pacific Mati Beach Philippine Beaches: Dahican Beach, Mati, Davao Is A Wild Pacific Mati Beach Reviewed by Shoni Munchtrip on May 02, 2018 Rating: 5
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