Secrets to Getting to One of the Best Philippine Beaches In Medina Misamis Oriental

Best Philippine Beaches - Medina Misamis Oriental
Best Beaches in the Philippines - Medina Misamis Oriental -

Medina, Misamis Oriental is no Boracay island, but it has a white beach that cures my Vitamin sea deficiency.  This beach is in Duca, where Philippine beach resorts like Duka Bay Resort, DU Dy, and Capistrano Beach are known mostly only to locals.  Duca beach (a.k.a. Duca White Beach) is one of the best beaches in the Philippines, and yet some of you have probably never been there.

I know of three ways to get to Medina, Misamis Oriental:
  • via Cagayan de Oro City Misamis Oriental by bus
  • via Camiguin by barge and bus
  • via Butuan by bus

I am most familiar with the route via Cagayan de Oro City, which is 2-3 hours away by bus.

Choose the "Portulin" Medina bus stop near Duka Bay resort.  This is the quickest way to go to the beach area. Most bus conductors know this bus stop, too.  But, if you happen to accidentally find yourself at the other bus stop, Fiesta Brand in Cabug, do not panic.  Take the next tip below.

Travel tip: When in Medina, Misamis Oriental
Medina Misamis Oriental mode of transportation
When in Medina, travel by "motorsikad".

Recommended way to travel around Medina is by motorsikad, Medina's main means of public transportation.

It not the same as Cagayan de Oro's motorela.  The seating arrangement is also different, but it is just as interesting in structure.

Motorsikad fare per passenger varies from 7 to 10 Php pesos  (0.20-0.25 USD), so get your change ready.

If you happened to ride a "sikad", a bike with sidecar or motorsikad without a motor, the fare varies on your conscience.  Ha ha!  But seriously, it varies from 5 to 10 pesos per passenger.  It is best to ask the engine (a.k.a the driver with human power) before going on the ride.

There are no taxis and jeepneys around Medina.

Motorsikads, and sikads rarely operate after 9PM.  So enjoy the silence and the fresh air.

Beach Philippine Beaches - Medina Misamis Oriental -
Beach Philippine Beaches -
Medina Misamis Oriental -
Duca white beach is on my list for the best beaches in the Philippines.  The local beach resorts here with at least basic amenities are Duka Bay resort, Capistrano resort, and D.U. Dy resort.

It is no Boracay beach, so do not expect commercial food chains 10 meters from the shore of this beautiful Philippine beach.

Medina's Alibuag Cold Spring, is a wonderfully unique swimming attraction as well.  A cemented rock pool surrounding a natural freshwater cold spring.  The water is clear and very cold.  You might want to see it to believe it.

Then, a special event that is worth mentioning is “Hinuklog.”  It is a Medina re-enactment street play based on "Pasyon Ni Kristo" (translation Passion of Christ).  It happens during the Holy days of the Holy Week.  It is a yearly tradition in Medina, Misamis Oriental that continues to gain popularity among Christian and non-Christian tourists.

Best Philippine Beaches

That's it for now.
So what do you think?  Do you want to know more about other Philippine beaches?  Do you want to know about where to stay in Medina Misamis Oriental?
For your questions, just mention them in the comment section below.

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