When In Cagayan de Oro Go To Gaerlan’s New Gem

It really seems that this street brews some of the best new food places in Cagayan de Oro.

I was discerning whether or not to keep this place a secret.  It is relatively new (the time I wrote this) and it is still a neophyte among big food names in Cagayan de Oro.  But Crumbcoat.

Yes, I have blurted it out, Crumbcoat is the new gem in Gaerlan.  I am so sorry, if this brings an influx of people to the cute small establishment of inexpensive, student-friendly priced fusion of different cuisines.

If I were living in a dorm near this place, you would find me here often for sure.

It was a fine afternoon. Egan and I were looking for a place to eat late lunch for our special day. *Smile*

We wanted to celebrate, not break the bank.  We remembered the place where a few friends in film went for a version of butterbeer.

We remembered the food choices were few and inexpensive, ranging from 70-130 PH Pesos.

Going in the place feels intimate. Space is cute and decor is quirky. You are greeted with a chalkboard menu on top of the counter where you place your order.  Behind it is the kitchen.

A few minutes later, our orders arrive.
Kimbap (kimchi), at first glance they looked like maki rolls. 

I am more familiar with Japanese cuisine than Korean but fully aware that there are similarities to the two.  This did not taste like a tuna maki roll though.  It tasted tangy, sweet, and with the unique flavor of kimchi that wasn’t too strong. This was a marriage of flavors that I actually liked.

Bulgogi (spicy).  I have had Bibimbap before and in my opinion, it is like that. A cooked meat to be mixed in with vegetables, eggs, and kimchi.  Lovely tapsilog-like but with the added (once again) unique flavor of kimchi that wasn’t too strong.

These were my first times trying Kimbap and Bulgogi. All I could say was it was a fun lunch. I didn;t mind the affordability as well.

That's it.

On to my next munchtrip.

Catch ya later, fellow munchters.



  1. Yum, all this food looks tasty! I love spicy foods, so I know I'd love that bulgogi!

  2. The article is very interesting. Your blog has a lot of useful information. Thanks for sharing!

  3. All that food looks and sounds super tasty! I also love that fun name: Crumbcoat! What a great place to visit!

  4. Oh my gosh, that food looks so good! I want to visit this area because the food looks so good!

  5. I really like spicy foods. Did you happen to notice if they had any vegan options?

  6. This sounds like a great place to dine for the food and the prices. I have never had Kimchi or Bulgogi before but both dishes look delicious. Thanks for sharing this awesome little place to dine.

  7. yummy that food look delicious:) I always love to discover new places with good food

  8. The food looked so good! I'm not a big fan of spicy foods, but I always say i'll try anything once! Thanks for sharing!


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