Sweet Craving With Pastries And Gelato In Cagayan de Oro

I suggest you start thinking what flavour to get before arriving in MBB.
Missy Bon Bon - Limketkai is the first branch of MBB.  It is easy to spot this place with its white quaint
architecture.  My favourites here are the Katsu Kiri, Smokehouse Longganisa, and Gelato.

BQFC Best of CDO Food Tour: 3rd out of 6 features
I jumped out of the motorela as soon as we arrived in MBB-Limketkai.

"Gelato", I screamed (inside my head)!

I was excited.  I entered and the scent of sweet breads and gelato captured me.  Missy Bon Bon is such a homey food place in CDO.

Missy Bon Bon Pastel won "Delicacy of the Year" at the Urban Life Awards 2016.
Minutes after sitting down, we were served with MBB Pastel to pair with any flavour of gelato to our liking.

I contemplated and settled with Pistachio.

The nutty flavour of the gelato was so rich that putting a scoop into the pastel was like a pistachio butter spread sandwich.  Yum!

BQFC Best of CDO Food Tour
Save time in your search of the best food places in CDO, because Bigby's Quality Food Corporation (BQFC) has come up with the "Best of CDO" Food Tour.  They have got you covered for the favourites from Bigby's, Missy Bon Bon, Boy Zugba, and The Nest.

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