Where to Clean Your Clothes Quick in Cagayan de Oro

Finally, I decided to try Wash & Go even if I had no idea how to use coin operated washing machines and dryers.  Took the chance and here is what I discovered and learned.

I do not know why, but I
always had a pile of clothes that needed washing.  It feels like it is always following me around.

I would take a day off to wash a pile because I know my energy would be spent.  But most times, it feels easier to put a big cloth over it so it can stay hidden.

When Wash & Go opened as the first Laundromat in Cagayan de Oro, so few knew how it was supposed to work.  I was one of them.  Yes, I mean that I NOW know how to use coin operated washing machines and dryers.

My sister, Pao, went to Wash & Go one Sunday.  And, I decided to go with her to learn how to Wash & Go in my search to finally find a fast solution to my problem with piling dirty clothes.

Get an idea on how to use their machines by watching the video below.

I can definitely say this is not only for locals.  This is very handy if you are staying in Cagayan de Oro for a few days and you want to have your clothes washed quickly as well.

Wash & Go is opens at 7:00am and closes at 8:00pm.
They have branches in
1.) Velez - Fernandez Streets (aka Dolores), Cagayan de Oro
2.) Tress Montanas - JR Borja Extension, Gusa, Cagayan de Oro
3.) Pueblo Business Office - Fr Mastersons, Carmen, Cagayan de Oro

For other information, attendants are very helpful in assisting and answering any questions you may have.

As for me, I loved how fast I was able to clean my clothes.  I am definitely going back.

Catch you on my next MUNCHTRIP.
Bye bye my fellow munchters!



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